Bradford Brawl Breakin Event 2024 | Recap

It has been just over a week since Bradford Brawl 2024 breakin event and what an amazing event it was! This was definitely the biggest Bradford Brawl battles we have had to date. The build up for the team, the bboys and bgirls was incredible. We had special guests arriving earlier in the week and there was excitement and energy across all the classes the closer we got to the event. Each crew had their own targets going into this year’s Bradford Brawl, so everyone was anticipating how the battles and showcases would play out. There had been a lot of preparation and time put in from the breaking community as a whole. Bboy Tobi, representing Recession Squad (Ireland), kicked off Bradford Brawl with his workshop in the morning. The turnout was like no other, with 29 Bboys and Bgirls in attendance! This is the most amount of breakers we have ever seen attend a guest workshop and this includes workshops we have visited in other countries, all over the world. Tobi did an amazing job, he really instilled key Hip Hop values into the Bboys and Bgirls, which was great to see. Bboy Tobi is our first guest from overseas for Bradford Brawl which made this even more special. West Side Breakers were the first showcase opening up the event with an explosive start. It was great to see that they have grown and progressed as a crew, since the last event. The Concrete Roses showcase followed right after and it included a lot of great transitions and tricks. Concrete Roses have some of the more experienced dancers from the new generation within their crew and this could [...]

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Break Create Pollinate | Bboy Lil Tim

This was an incredible programme for Tech Styles International and the bboys, bgirls and communities we work with across Bradford. When we first set out the initial ideas and plans for this project, it was something we had never done before but we knew it would have major benefits for the local breakin scene and would have the potential to change the lives of those who were involved. Artist in Residence programmes happen often in other artforms but with breakin/hip hop this is something which is very rare. […]

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Tech Styles Underground | Transforming Spaces

At Tech Styles International there is a real buzz and excitement among the bboys and bgirls as we progress and move forward further into 2023. There are so many exciting things ahead and we are very blessed and grateful to be pushing forward and to have such an amazing community of dancers within our city. […]

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Tech Styles International | NPO Announcement

Praise God! Today marks one of the most significant moments in history for Bradford’s breakin scene and for arts and culture in our city. Arts Council England @ace_national (Twitter) @aceagrams (Instagram) announced today that Tech Styles International will become a National Portfolio Organisation. This is a cause for celebration not only for Bradford and the communities we will work with here, but also for dancers bboys/bgirls throughout the nation and internationally. […]

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DJ Fleg x DJ Nobunaga – BRADFORD | Official Track Release

Support Real Hip Hop Today we have some major news, we launch the release of our second track “BRADFORD” produced by DJ Fleg and DJ Nobunaga (NOBUFLEG). […]

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Monday Breaks | New Series

We are back with another exciting opportunity, to learn breaking here in 2021. We are very excited to share this news about these classes with you, whether your a bboy, bgirl or a complete beginner wanting to take part in something fun, this is for you! We have a new series of livestream breaking classes called ‘Monday Breaks’, starting this Monday 22nd February, with the one and only Bboy Tranquil, Bradford’s very own international Bboy! […]

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Tech Styles Update 2020

This is an update to let you all know what we at Tech Styles have been doing since the lockdown has begun. We have been working hard behind the scenes to keep pushing forward with our work whilst also being in support of the worldwide effort to keep our communities safe. Tech Styles has been involved to help facilitate online classes with Tranquil Productions for the community of Bradford and beyond. We have maintained a community presence and have been working hard for the future of Bradford and Tech Styles. We can’t run our events as usual, so we have been formulating plans since the beginning of the lockdown. This is a difficult time for everyone and now more than ever unity and connection is needed. We believe that access to exercise, art, music and creativity are crucial for mental and physical health. Director of Tech Styles International, Lloyd Thompson gives his official statement below. […]

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Everything You Need To Know – Tech Styles 6

Tech Styles International took Bradford by storm once again, cementing itself as one of the UK’s leading hip hop events. The amazing weekend of Tech Styles 6 saw bboys, bgirls, graffiti artists, DJs and lovers of hip hop come together from across the whole of the UK and beyond. Director of Tech Styles International, Lloyd Tranquil Thompson and the team worked tirelessly for months to bring this event together, their faith and passion was the driving force behind it. Months of community work, planning and promotion culminated in the incredible Tech Styles 6 weekend, which thank God was one of the most successful events we have had to date. You can see our amazing new promo shot by Luke Hogan part of Tranquil Productions team, he did a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere of the weekend. Please make sure not to skip straight to the promo though as there are some amazing things you should read about first.   […]

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Tech Styles Breakin New Ground | Community Projects

  Thanks to the support from Bradford VCS Fund & Tranquil Productions, we have had an incredible run of breakin (breakdance) sessions at the Parkside Sports Centre in West Bowling. The funding we received enabled us to educate young people about health and fitness through breakin. We tried to provide as much knowledge as possible to help improve the lives of the young people that attended. This included the benefits of drinking water over sugar-based drinks and the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. We hope to see some strong bboys and bgirls coming out of West Bowling in the years to come. […]

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