At Tech Styles International there is a real buzz and excitement among the bboys and bgirls as we progress and move forward further into 2023. There are so many exciting things ahead and we are very blessed and grateful to be pushing forward and to have such an amazing community of dancers within our city.

We have to give a massive shout out to Bradford Producing Hub (BHP) for their recent support of Tech Styles through the Transforming Spaces fund. With this fund we were able to enhance our newly acquired space in Bradford City Centre, the (old B&M, James Street in Rawson Quarter) for the breakin community. This fund has made a massive difference to the space increasing its useability and safety for everyone who visits the space as part of our activites.

One of the biggest improvements to the space is the incredible new dance floor. We had a testing session with many breakers from the community throwing down and giving us their thoughts. No one knows floors like bboys and bgirls, it may sound like a funny thing, but for breakers, it’s so nice to dance on the right surface. It doesn’t matter when or where; a library, airport, shop or museum, breakers always get the urge to dance if they see a great floor. It was an amazing experience to see the joy in the bboys and bgirls faces when they danced on the floor for the first time and everyone agreed, it is one of the best floors we have ever had to break on.

It was great to see the hard work of Fiona Fox Thompson, come to fruition and we thank God, all the changes to the space worked out perfectly. The scene was very grateful for the hard work she put in and days of research to get things just right. As we extend the invitation to have more local, national and international breakers join us for our activities in the future and begin our Arts Council England’s NPO term, the work done to improve this training spot will make a huge difference. There are many other improvements made but the most notable changes for the dancers are the professional dance mirror, training equipment and the supercharged sound system, which is one of the best we have seen in a smaller form factor. Now the space is looking better than ever, we all look forward to dancing at Tech Styles Underground as much as possible.

Once again, a big thank you to BHP for their support of Tech Styles and helping to transform spaces for the better. We hope you enjoy these photos and Insta Reel of the team setting up and a few first throwdowns on the lino. Please don’t forgot to like, follow and subscribe to our social media accounts, this really helps support us and keep our community growing.