Praise God! Today marks one of the most significant moments in history for Bradford’s breakin scene and for arts and culture in our city. Arts Council England @ace_national (Twitter) @aceagrams (Instagram) announced today that Tech Styles International will become a National Portfolio Organisation. This is a cause for celebration not only for Bradford and the communities we will work with here, but also for dancers bboys/bgirls throughout the nation and internationally.

This news marks significant progress within the hip hop movement and shines a light on the possibilities this amazing culture holds. The Tech Styles journey began almost 10 years ago with a vision to serve the Bradford community on a grassroots level, whilst nurturing the national and international scene and building relationships with creative practitioners.

Our goal has always been to see growth and progress without losing our integrity and values. We believe this to be highly important in order to make a real impact and increase longevity. We have a strong foundation and as we transition into the next phase of our journey, we will continue to uphold our values and remember our roots.

We will create more opportunities within the hip hop and breakin scene and reach people who do not engage with arts and culture. Becoming an NPO was part of our long-term strategy, a strong vision and goal. Through faith, perseverance, hard work and collaboration, thank God this has become a reality. Thank you to Arts Council England and The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport @dcmsgovuk (Instagram) @DCMS (Twitter) for the support through this funding. We also want to give a massive thank you to Bradford Metropolitan District Council @bradfordMDC for their support of our organisation over the years.

Executive Director – Lloyd Thompson

I thank God every day for Breakin and my journey so far, this is an incredible artform that changed my life. Due to my lower socioeconomic background as a child, access to traditional arts and activites were limited. This art form allowed me to express myself regardless of my background and through breakin, I was able to realise my creative potential and travel the world, from the USA to Japan. Over my 22 years involvement in the arts and culture sector, I have seen the countless benefits of this dance and have seen many lives transformed. There are many people yet to discover this dance. Through Tech Styles International, we are going to create opportunities for those new to dance and give a platform for existing bboys and bgirls to shine a light on their amazing skills. Our annual event will be something everyone will be able to enjoy all over the world. Tech Styles International is building a legacy that will impact the present and future generations for years to come.

This is a truly exciting time for us at Tech Styles International and we expect to be very busy over the next coming months with preparations, alongside running our current projects: Bradford Brawl – 19th November 2022 at Kala Sangam 1pm and the Tech Styles Creative Exhibition – 3rd & 4th March 2023. There will be much more news to come but for now it is a time for celebration. Thank you to all who have supported us in our journey to becoming an NPO and we are excited for what the future holds. #LETSCREATE

Please also take a listen to the amazing BCB radio interview, speaking about Tech Styles International as an NPO with Dom Burch & Lorna, interviewing Richard Brown Senior Relationship Manager for Arts Council England on Bradford & Beyond Fri 4 Nov 5-6pm

NPO | What You Need To Know

Here is some further information about National Portfolio Funding, with some amazing quotes from the Chair & Chief Executive of Arts Council England.

  • The NPO investment programme runs from 2023-2026
  • 990 total organisations received NPO across the country
  • 276 organisations were new to gain NPO status (inc. Tech Styles International)

Arts Council England Chair, Sir Nicholas Serota, said: “As well as continuing our commitment to our many established and renowned cultural organisations, I am deeply proud of the support we will be giving to those new organisations which will help ignite creativity across the country.  We are facing economic pressures at present but this funding is about an investment in our future. This portfolio will support the next generation of visionary inventors, makers, performers and artists. In particular, the growth of our funding for organisations that support and develop work for children represents a profoundly important long-term investment in our country’s talent.”

Arts Council England Chief Executive, Darren Henley, said: “Together, each of the 990 organisations that have been offered funding today will contribute to a portfolio that is rich, varied and truly national. This is our widest ever spread of investment across the country, ensuring that many more people will have access to a wider choice of exceptional art, culture and creative opportunities on their doorsteps. We are in tough times but we must remember creativity brings with it extraordinary dividends, boosting our country’s economic growth, creating jobs, bringing communities closer together, and making us happier as individuals. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits it brings, and with this investment, we believe we’ve taken a decisive step towards making that vision a reality.”

Thank God, amazing times ahead, we will see you all soon!