Support Real Hip Hop

Today we have some major news, we launch the release of our second track “BRADFORD” produced by DJ Fleg and DJ Nobunaga (NOBUFLEG).

During 2020 we ran our biggest project to date Tech Styles Digital working with hip hop artists all over the world. We had amazing bboys and bgirls enter the online Hip Hop event from around 20 different countries, the likes of bboy Blinded from the remote island of Guam to renowned bboys such as Kaku (Osaka, Japan) and Nasty Ray (California, USA).

As part of Tech Styles Digital we wanted to work with respected DJs within the global scene to create new music that represented Tech Styles International and our city Bradford! An incredible place for Breakin and Hip Hop culture within the UK. We spoke with the DJs in detail about our vision and what type of sounds we would like to represent our city and the event. They collaborated with each other to create some amazing music for bboys and bgirls to get down. The first track ‘Tech Styles Digital’ reflected the event and our vision perfectly and so did the mix they created, it marked a specific time in history, showing that through hip hop we can find ways to overcome.

We have released our new track ‘BRADFORD’ on bandcamp and it would be amazing for anyone reading this to help our organisations and future projects by purchasing this track. For the price of a coffee you will be supporting real hip hop artists and the creation of new work will help move our culture forward independently and gives the movement more strength on local and international scales. We made a short video in 2020 about how your support shapes the future of Hip Hop, see below.

You can also purchase the amazing ‘TECH STYLES DIGITAL’ track which was released back in July 14, 2020 on the same site. We have put a YouTube link to the track below so you can add it to your favourite breakin playlists but please still support us by purchasing the track. Thank you for your support.