Thanks to the support from Bradford VCS Fund & Tranquil Productions, we have had an incredible run of breakin (breakdance) sessions at the Parkside Sports Centre in West Bowling. The funding we received enabled us to educate young people about health and fitness through breakin. We tried to provide as much knowledge as possible to help improve the lives of the young people that attended. This included the benefits of drinking water over sugar-based drinks and the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. We hope to see some strong bboys and bgirls coming out of West Bowling in the years to come.

Over the course of the 10 weeks Himani Bhardwaj the lead instructor from Tranquil Productions, took the attendees on a course through the foundations of breakin. She also taught them the exercises needed to help strengthen the body and gain flexibility. Tech Styles International provided top quality water bottles for use at each class. Anyone who attended over 5 sessions was awarded a FREE water bottle to take home. These bottles also came with some amazing stickers designed by Tranquil Productions which further prompted being healthy. These were massively popular.

Every week half way through the sessions we provided fruit and vegetables for the young people. We had a 5-minute break to energise, talk and reflect. This part of the session really helped to form a closer bond with the young people in the local community. We hope the relationships formed continue long into the future.

The funding has now come to an end, but we are hoping to make this class sustainable over time. We charged a low rate for the sessions to help make the class accessible to everyone. The money we gain over the 10 weeks has been reinvested into the sessions to help keep them going. Jordan Radwell, Centre Manager at Parkside Sports Centre was instrumental in helping get this project off the ground and we are very grateful for his involvement.

It’s exciting to have the support of the Parkside Sports Centre, Bradford Council, Tranquil Productions, Bradford Trident and Bradford VCS to help us achieve such a positive impact in the West Bowling community. We were recently awarded another fund thanks to God and this will help us to deliver great work in the city centre helping young people have a positive place to socialise and learn breakin. Projects like these will have a major impact in people’s lives helping them with their mental wellbeing, whilst keeping fit, healthy and having fun.

We hope to be able to implement similar successful projects across all of Bradford and spread the positive message of Hip hop to the new generation. For more information about classes please head over to the Tranquil Productions website. We hope you enjoyed reading about our work and the photos from the West Bowling sessions. Please show your support by liking our Facebook page and Instagram it would be much appreciated.