Get ready for another exciting event brought to you by Tech Styles International. Thanks to the support of Kala Sangam, Bradford Bid and Bradford Council we are going to deliver our first live breakin event of 2021. For this year we are scaling back our event to focus on the local and national scene, celebrating and returning to live spaces. 

The event will still feature many of the amazing Hip Hop elements that make Tech Styles what it is. We will be running ‘Tech Styles Local’ over two days. On Friday the 26th of Nov 7pm, we will be having an open cypher night, where bboys, bgirls and audiences can come together to celebrate and experience an authentic taste of the culture. This night will also feature the final top 8 ‘Breaker of The Year’ Battle for the Tranquil Productions Cup. With an amazing sound system brought to you by Punjabi Roots Academy, live MCs and incredible DJs 3Elements and DJ Rasp the weekend is set to be a something special.

On Saturday the 27th of Nov 1pm we will be running our battle day with 1v1 (£200 prize) and 2v2 16’s and under battle. Audiences will get to see some of the best dancers in the country battle it out. The battles are sure to be inspirational as you witness the pure passions and skill of the bboys and bgirls as they put there styles to the test.

To book tickets please head over to Eventbrite to secure a place through the link below. For Audiences to keep up to date and Bboys and Bgirls to sign up, please head over to our Facebook Event Page. Tech Styles Local