Tech Styles International has seen one of the most exciting summers to date, working on multiple projects with partners Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Bradford 2025 and The Leap to deliver some amazing projects. The highlight of our summer has been, without a doubt the Summer Unlocked programme. We delivered multiple shows and workshops across outdoor spaces bringing joy and inspiration to so many families. For this project we needed a name that reflected our intentions, something which would immediately speak to people and this is why we named our project ‘Breakin For Love’.  Being able to get back in contact with children, young people and adults, face to face has been truly liberating for us as an organisation and for the people we have come into contact with through our work.

We are so grateful that we were given this amazing opportunity by the Bradford Council, Bradford 2025 and The Leap to help facilitate the delivery of amazing performances by the Clean North (Bradford’s Premiere breakin crew established 2002) and quality workshops by the Tranquil Productions’ instructors. We worked hard to make sure this opportunity would go as far as possible, making the biggest impact for the communities we have built relationships with to help and inspire them. Through this project we were also able to connect with new audiences and people who had never experienced the amazing art of breakin.

Thanks to God and thanks to the hard work of everyone, our Summer Unlocked activity was a complete success, even down to the weather. We toured ‘Breakin For Love’ across outdoor spaces in both West Bowling and Saltaire, showcasing a brand new performance and leading great workshops, which were open to everyone who happened to visit those places. We had incredible audiences who made the most of our presence and really enjoyed learning and experiencing hip hop culture. Choreographer Fiona Thompson helped to create a stunning performance which electrified audiences and had them itching for the next chance to get involved in breakin. From experienced breakers to beginners, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people getting involved and just having a great time. We planned, worked towards and hoped that this project would be what we originally envisioned but to see everything come to life was a breath of fresh air and amazing experiences for the whole team.

Along with the performances and workshops we also had an amazing art piece designed by Lloyd Thompson Director of Tech Styles International, this piece was turned into an high quality art print poster and given out to the public for free, so that they would have something special and limited that will keep the memory of the project alive for many years to come.

Overall this was a great experience and we have to also give thanks to the sponsors and partners involved to help deliver the Breakin For Love project & Summer Unlocked programme. Thanks to Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Bradford 2025 and The Leap for believing in our proposal and enabling us to become part of the programme to create an amazing artistic and cultural project. A big thanks also to Tranquil Productions and Clean North for their involvement with the Breakin For Love Project.